June 2010

Enforceability of Vendor On-Line Terms After Written Contract Execution

National Auto Lenders, Inc. (NAL) purchases installment contracts from retail car dealers in Florida, thus enabling indirect consumer loan purchases for cars. NAL contracted with SysLOCATE to purchase over 2,000 GPS units to track vehicles covered by its loans on SysLOCATE's website SysLOCATE makes available to its customers. Unfortunately, many of these units turned out to be defective, thus frustrating NAL's ability to locate and repossess vehicles of owners in default. While the parties were trying to resolve their dispute, SysLOCATE changed the terms of its online click-accept access contract that would have effectively limited NAL's ability to recoup its losses, and that would require binding arbitration as a means of resolving disputes. NAL's executives, upon learning of these new on-line terms, instructed SysLOCATE that only certain named individuals have authority to bind NAL to the terms of any contract, including any online click-accept agreement.

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